Celebrating 50 Years of Sharpness

The Tormek T-8 Black is a limited-edition, 50-year anniversary machine with an intense, all-black visual appearance that gives an extra edge to any workshop. This machine is kitted to get your tools extremely sharp with high efficiency and precision. The 600 grit DF-250 Diamond Wheel Fine sharpens any kind of steel and even ceramic with ease. The CW-220 Composite Honing Wheel with integrated polish quickly gets rid of the most stubborn burr. The included bottle of ACC-150 Anti Corrosion Concentrate keeps your diamond grinding wheel from rusting and coats your newly sharpened edges, keeping them in top trim even longer. Who knows, there might also be a little treat or two for you inside.

That’s Right, 50-year Warranty

We have made quality sharpening machines for 50 years now. There are machines from the 1970's out there, still running and making edge tools sharp. Since then, our machines have only gotten better. That’s why we can confidently offer a 50-year warranty on this limited-edition anniversary Tormek T-8 Black. Nobody knows what the future might bring. But at least we can make sure it’s sharp.

Read the full warranty terms on tormek.com/warranty or on the warranty card inside the box.

A Proud Legacy of Sharpness

Tormek was born in ’73, from the mind of Torgny Jansson. It all started with his father not getting sharp enough hand tools for his woodworking hobby. Torgny went on a mission to make sharpening fast, easy and precise. The first model was powered by a drill, and it worked quite well.

Over the years he invented and patented a multitude of solutions and innovations to make sharpening even faster, easier and more precise. A built-in motor. The universal support. And a bunch of specialized jigs and accessories. But always the same, basic method. A grinding wheel rotating slowly through water. Torgny’s ingenuity is the foundation on which Tormek proudly stands today. Your Tormek-sharp edges all carry his legacy.


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