Sharpening accessories

Accessories to ensure the best possible sharpening results

Whether you’re going to sharpen knives, chisels, drill bits, woodworking tools or something else, the right accessories can make your sharpening a lot easier. Tormek offers a range of accessories optimized to take your sharpening to the next level. Everything from the Rotating Base which helps you to easily rotate your machine, to the Japanese Waterstone which gives a mirror finish and the maximum possible sharpness.

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Tormek HTK-806 Hand Tool Kit

This kit includes all the jigs you need for sharpening your knives, scissors, draw knives, small knives, flexible knives and axes as well as short chisel and carving tools. The...

Tormek TNT-808 Woodturner’s Kit

This kit contains everything you need to shape and sharpen all your turning tools, including two patented jigs (works like three!), a radiused leather honing wheel, a serious instruction, the...

Tormek LA-120 Profiled Leather Honing Wheels

With the profiled leather honing wheels LA-120 you can hone and polish the inside of turning gouges, carving gouges and V-tools. Fits all Tormek models. You mount the extra wheels on...

Tormek BGM-100 Bench Grinding Mounting Set

If you need to remove a lot of steel to create a desired shape on a new tool, this Bench Grinder Mounting Set BGM-100 enables you to use the Tormek...

Tormek PA-70 Honing Compound

The honing compound is used together with the Tormek Leather Honing Wheels. The unique qualities of the leather together with the honing compound will effectively remove the burr created from...
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Tormek LA-124 Set of narrow exchange discs

For the Tormek Profiled Leather Honing Wheel LA-120. Includes two discs, one with a 2 mm (3/32") radius and one with a 45° tip.
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Tormek US-105 Universal Support

The Universal Support is the basis for all Tormek jigs. US-105 has a square cut Acme style thread which prevents damage by the locking screws and a Micro Adjust with...
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Tormek US-430 Universal Support Extended

Extended Universal Support for sharpening long tools, such as long knives, cleavers and machetes. Micro adjust with scale for precise setting of the edge angle. Fits Tormek T-8/T-7/T-4/T-3 and older...
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Tormek MSK-200 Stainless Steel Shaft

Stainless steel main shaft with Ezylock nut in composite. The EzyLock ensures that the grindstone is held securely with no danger of unwinding. Unique design requires no tools to mount or...
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Tormek LA-145 Leather Honing Wheel

Gently removes the burr which develops during grinding and polishes the bevel. Fits Tormek T-4, Tormek T-3 and 1200 models. It is used together with Tormek Honing Compound PA-70. To get the highest possible...

Tormek TNT-00 Storage Tray for Woodturner’s Kit

The TNT-00 Storage Tray stores all the jigs included with the Woodturner’s Kit. The storage tray has an improved design and is customized to fit in the Tormek Case TC-800...

Tormek ACC-150 Anti-Corrosion Concentrate

Makes water non-corrosive. Always use with Tormek diamond wheels. Can also be used with grindstones.  Add 10 ml concentrate to 250 ml water (~4 %). Scale for correct dilution. Mix Anti-Corrosion Concentrate...